What is The New Music Conflagration, Inc.?

The New Music Conflagration, Inc. is a non-profit corporation founded in the State of Florida. The New Music Conflagration, Inc. seeks to further public awareness and perception of contemporary concert music through a variety of activities including: Music Education Workshops, a Chamber Music Series, Outreach Concerts, Online Publications as well as Physical and Digital Compilation Albums. Through our promotion of new music we also seek to further develop our community culturally by making Instrumental Petting Zoos, Scholarships, and other interactive activities available to the public.

What does Conflagration mean?

A conflagration is a massive raging fire that destroys an extensive parcel of land. While a tremendous fire may decimate a substantial area it also clears the path for new growth and a fresh start. It is our belief that by destroying conventional exclusionary ideals about concert presentation and music education, instead opting for an inclusive model with new concepts, we can change the world. Through our work we seek to spread awareness of new music and foster an appreciation for fresh-forward musical thought.

New Music. Performed.

New Music On A Sunday Afternoon
Performances of contemporary concert music, exclusively presented at The St. Petersburg Main Library, featuring works by living composers as well as masterworks by legendary composers such as Arvo Pärt, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, John Adams and Roger Sessions. These concerts are free and open to the public.

The Library Sessions
Presented in other libraries throughout the Pinellas and Hillsborough counties, these concerts feature works by living and lesser-known composers, which are open to the public.

{this is a piano concert}
Solo piano concerts featuring up and coming performers presenting new or rare music by a variety of composers.

[it might get andy warhol]
Performances of contemporary concert and experimental music held exclusively at art galleries and warehouse venues.

Craft Music. Craft Brews.
These lecture concerts are presented in local breweries and feature works by composers of note including John Cage, Bela Bartok, Arnold Bax, Gustav Mahler, Arnold Schoenberg and Benjamin Britten. These concerts are open to adults of legal age as dictated by the Federal Government and the State of Florida; no minors will be allowed admission to these events.

Florida International Toy Piano Festival
Founded in 2015 by Festival Director, Elizabeth A. Baker; Artist-In-Residence, Robert Fleitz; and Festival Coordinator, Fofi Panagiotouros; The Florida International Toy Piano Festival is an extension of the purposes of The New Music Conflagration, Inc. Visiting festival participants engage with the local community to further the Tampa Bay area culturally, in addition to promoting the work of talented toy piano performers, scholars, and composers from across the globe.

Outreach Concerts
Held in area retirement homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, and hospice; these concerts are open to seniors, sick persons, and their families. In sharing contemporary concert music by composers such as Ernest Bloch, The New Music Conflagration, Inc. hopes to help brighten the day of those individuals in the community who are going through a difficult time.


New Music. Archived.

The New Music Conflagration, Inc. is committed to documentation of contemporary concert works for future generations. To this end, The New Music Conflagration, Inc. makes recordings of works performed in concert throughout each year. The recordings are sorted, edited, and compiled. Some recordings are available for public streaming through The New Music Conflagration, Inc. website while others are professionally mastered for release on a physical compact disc and/or digital album for download.

New Music. Education.

The NMC Presents: True Creative Stories
True Creative Stories is a series which seeks to explore how music plays a role in the creative process of artists who work in medias beyond sound. Artists introduce the public to their work, present evidence on how music is used as a point of inspiration, and some artists allow for interactive public activities within their workshop/lecture.

Instrument Petting Zoos
Held in urban centers, high-risk areas and schools without full music programs, these programs introduce students and community members to orchestral instruments. Professional players present a small demonstrative concert program and then guide students as well as community members in trying out various musical instruments.

Make Your Own Instrument
A craft workshop for the whole family! Using everyday objects, participants are able to create and decorate their own instruments to take home and discover sound.

New Music. Blogged.

Discover This!
A regular series featuring an introduction to composers of new music with an accompanying Spotify playlist. Spotlighted composers have included: Unsuk Chin, Fazıl Say, George Walker, and Rodion Shchedrin.

5 Things
A series of articles featuring tips on everything having to do from music business to music technology to music performance to music education. Many articles are based on personal experience of composers and performers of new music.

Donations to The New Music Conflagration, Inc.

Thank you for your commitment to the arts! Please send a check made payable to The New Music Conflagration, Inc. to our office:

The New Music Conflagration, Inc.
P.O. Box 13593
Saint Petersburg, FL 33733

If you have questions about your anticipated charitable contribution, please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Community Outreach for more information.

Touring performers…

Artists and artist managers should complete the Performer Application. The New Music Conflagration, Inc. has a relatively small budget and cannot guarantee that every performer who submits an application will be presented on an NMC concert. We do review every submission that we receive and in considering the budget for the coming year, we make programming decisions accordingly.

Local performers…

Local musicians interested in performing as a chamber musician on our concert series complete the Performer Application to be considered for or freelance roster.

The New Music Conflagration, Inc. adopts an incredibly flexible approach to performer scheduling. Performers are given specific works which are then programed on concerts based on performer availability and the technical allowances of the venue. There are no set ensembles for performances which allows performers the chance to network with a large group of highly trained players from around the Tampa Bay Area.

Each year The New Music Conflagration, Inc. hosts an open call to composers across the globe. From a pool of over 250 composers and compositions, we select 20-30 works and supplement these with Modern Masterworks by composers including: Philip Glass, Arvo Pärt, Steve Reich, John Adams, and Samuel Adler.

The New Music Conflagration, Inc. is equally as flexible in it’s schedule of rehearsals as it is in concert scheduleling. We use a Doodle Poll system where ensemble members vote on a time to rehearse at one of our three locations in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Ybor.

Performers are featured on the NMC website, premiere works by composers from around the globe, will have access to audio/video copies of their performances, performance opportunities in the community afford students valuable exposure and the experience is a great résumé builder.


Every year The New Music Conflagration, Inc. hosts an open call for scores. The call starts August 1st and generally ends September 30th. Due to the large volume of submissions we encourage composers to submit early. For more information on our submission requirements please refer to our Composer Submission page.